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Once upon a time

-well yeah I already know nobody will ever read it but anyway... I was just feeling in the mood to post this thing :)

Take me faraway prince~

Take me somewhere we’ll be alone

We’ll learn how to fly

How to love each other until we cry

For happiness does not have limits.


Do not be afraid

I’m here for you.

Feelin blue?

You’re not alone.Never.


Love…what is this thing? Something we will never understand…did he hurt you?did he promised everlasting love?have you been traped?not yet?

Crying because you don’t have a boyfriend? Same as me darling.Late at night drawing the beautiful prince that has to come on a white horse.Suddenly,next morning you meet him in front of the school,the new arts teacher.Being an art student you are completely and totally absorbed in his dark eyes,long hand which paint with such tenderness that you could cry.You want to talk to him,approach him but have no idea how.Lucky for you,this weekend there is an exposition of SF arts.Of course you dislike it,it is to abstract for you to ever understand.He accepts it though and he is waiting for you in front of the mall the next morning.Feeling unsure but still excited you are trying to give your best regarding the paintings and to impress him.After that,he can feel your tension going up and asks you if you have finished the drawing for the next week.Pouting in disagreement your refuse to answere and he’s already asking you to go with him somewhere.Unnaware of what it’s gonna come you follow him as a lovely pet you are.You travell with him in an awkward mood and then in the night you reach for the beach.It is dark and creepy but nothing seems scary with him by your side.The waves are gently crashing at the shore and you step with a bare foot in it.Feeling the coldness of the water brings you a strong feeling of power that you gain again for so many monts that passed.For a minute you forget about him and about everything.Just flowing along with the river in a world that only you can rule.Hearing the smashing of the waves scares you and you wake up,scared,looking for a certain person that was with you not so long ago.You see him near the big willow.His calm and gentle face is staring at you and you blush

      .You gaze at his beautiful eyes again,then you move your sight at his hands…ohh those hands are moving freely and it seems like in the same rithm as the waves were smashing the sand on the shore.What? He has a sketch? You didn’t even noticed the white paper he’s holding in his hands.Then,you want to know what is he so concentrated on?Seeing you moving he stops his activity and shows you what you expectd less.He is drawing you,a pale princess in a wedding dress,with a tired expression,tears rolling down on your cheeks and hunchbacked.You are to schocked to say anything.To ask why the girl resembles so much to you,,you don’t even dare.You instantly start to cry,feeling the whole world has crushed over you.He smiles gently,which you take as a lovely grin.He’s still to far away,you still don’t understand him even if you feel as knowing him for evernity.He pats the place next to him and you instantly sit down there.His perfume is just to…..much to bare.It makes you cry…for everything and anything you’ve lost.Who knows how many people breathed this scent?It’s still your favourite colony and you close your eyes because you feel like the whole night will be like a flood to your soul,and face.He still stares at you,with gently looking eyes.He breathes slowly and moves his gaze from you back at the sketch.You are curious to see what is he drawing,but you’re to afraid to open you’re eyes.It’s noisy.The sound that the crayon makes when touching the paper is like thousand swords crossing your soul.You adore him so much that it hurts.The rain starts to fall.Is it cold?’s even pleasant.You’re still not the only one that cries in the end.You’re happy.Unleast for the moment.The rain is indeed beautiful.Pouring on your face like pearls is so soft and…still not cold.You’re to absorbed to think about the man that sits next to you.Won’t his paper get wet?Won’t his beautiful drawing get ruined?You won’t permit this,will you?You sit up.All messed,hair wet and long,flowing on your dress which was so warm and..colourful minutes ago.Now is all white and wet,as your hair.You sit infront of him.He doesn’t let his eyes from the sketch,but you’re happy since you can avoid the water to reach him.He is like a statue.Needs to be protected,from anything and everything.You feel a nice melody in the air..flowing just as the wind takes the waves at the shore.He finally looks at you and smiles.Oh that innocent smile.He proudly shows you the sketch.It’s like it hasn’t  been the one that you see a few time ago.The princess has now wings.And oh they are a wonderful pair of big wings.They are white and pure.It matches perfectly the wedding dress and now on the girl’s face you can see a spark of glow.But she still looks so sad and her loving facial expression seems so sad.You can’t resist anymore and you burst out crying.Is it a dream or a nightmare?

    He gently strokes your had and borrows his shoulder for you to cry.The rain has also stopped.It had no more tears to cry.After some minutes you stop.Still puzzled because of the drawing.It seemed like an angel,who had fallen from the sky and couldn’t bear the people’s worst parts.At some point he asks you if you like it and you have no words.

thank you for reading.

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