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Yes.indeed this is insane.And probably most of you who'll reed this(which I guess the're won't be) will think the same.It's just a period in every kid's life when you feel like exploding with feeling and if you are currently out of papers or persons with whom to talk about,you find this perfect way of describing named LJ. Someone told me not so long ago...that when the son is rising somewhere,somwhere else it sets down.I hope I'll see this sunrise soon because I want to recreate this image,even if I haven't seen it yet,I'm willing to give all my best ,so one day I'll see the beautifull sunrise in the country of it.Argh...this is soo baka-poi.I realised slowly,that I am at the age when you can't tell everything,even if sometimes you would like too,even if you wouldn't.Beeing in such a community is hard nee~To play a role everyday,the role of an "angel"poi child,to be bullied without screaming back,trying to resist the urge to run away from everything to reach that maturity already,then you haven't actually realised it is already in you.You just need to open that door.It's really important to learn from everything,geather all the experinence you can from everything because everybody sais you'll need it in the future.Yeah right...I also think it's the age of confusement....what should I do next? how should I behave in order to achieve my dream? and the most of all... there is a feeling that comes and goes everyday in mine it good that times just FLOWS...or is it a bad thing? I just want to finish with everything but I want this to last long >.< and sometimes I can feel this fight in me.Sometime once,somebody told me,depression is only a moral fight in our souls,because we are not pleased with what we have,we want more but we know that at the moment we can not do anything to be better.I wouldn't name that depression because this word,itself is a very tough name.If this would be the meaning of depression,then there would be a lot of cases...because there are,or there should be these kind of feelings in everyone one of us,in a moment or another.Because we have feelings,that's what makes the difference between us and animals right? Feelings...are not always right I guess....Another fact that I strongly believe inspires people in having depressions or...good feelings is the music.When you write something and listening to music is demonstrated(I guess) that you can not concentrate to both of them but once you hear the melody I belive that it influences you a lot.Be it a sad melody/happy melody it can always change your mood.Of course there can be a lot of subjects to talk about,but the main theme that I wanted to aboard is following your dream no matter how hard it would be.So...Gambate minna ^. ^
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