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Behold... My Future
  I will marry Ohno Satoshi.  
  After a wild honeymoon, We will settle down in Bora Bora in our fabulous Apartment.  
  We will have 15 kid(s) together.  
  Our family will zoom around in a green Suzuki.
  I will spend my days as a actress, and live happily ever after.  
whats your future

Easter is coming!

So..of course as usual xD I only post from Christmas to Easter lol..actually the message should be quite simple:

Happy Easter minna ! ^^

I hope everyone can have a brake from life's forever-too-busy schedule and really :) Enjoy Easter because it's a time of peace,of death and reburn but most likely of calmness.It would be grate if everyone can settle down and think more of their souls,be good with each other and enjoy life,that's unleast what I think.

That's quite all what I wanted to say and oh well,let's still pray for Japan cause they need it ne ~

Nippon Gambatte!

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Praying for Japan

Soo it is never late to pray for them right? I hope things will go better to them and they will have an awesome come-back.I could say lot of things but why when I can refrase it in Matsujun's words:

みんな悲しいこととつらいこととかたくさんあるけど俺がいるから俺たちがいるから!" --松本潤

"There are many sad and painful things for everyone, but I’m here, we are here!" --Matsumoto Jun

so I think we can all take his example and be there with them as Matsujun is with us ne~ <3

P.S I'd rather Ohno but Jun is okay too X3
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Once upon a time

-well yeah I already know nobody will ever read it but anyway... I was just feeling in the mood to post this thing :)

Take me faraway prince~

Take me somewhere we’ll be alone

We’ll learn how to fly

How to love each other until we cry

For happiness does not have limits.


Do not be afraid

I’m here for you.

Feelin blue?

You’re not alone.Never.


Love…what is this thing? Something we will never understand…did he hurt you?did he promised everlasting love?have you been traped?not yet?

Crying because you don’t have a boyfriend? Same as me darling.Late at night drawing the beautiful prince that has to come on a white horse.Suddenly,next morning you meet him in front of the school,the new arts teacher.Being an art student you are completely and totally absorbed in his dark eyes,long hand which paint with such tenderness that you could cry.You want to talk to him,approach him but have no idea how.Lucky for you,this weekend there is an exposition of SF arts.Of course you dislike it,it is to abstract for you to ever understand.He accepts it though and he is waiting for you in front of the mall the next morning.Feeling unsure but still excited you are trying to give your best regarding the paintings and to impress him.After that,he can feel your tension going up and asks you if you have finished the drawing for the next week.Pouting in disagreement your refuse to answere and he’s already asking you to go with him somewhere.Unnaware of what it’s gonna come you follow him as a lovely pet you are.You travell with him in an awkward mood and then in the night you reach for the beach.It is dark and creepy but nothing seems scary with him by your side.The waves are gently crashing at the shore and you step with a bare foot in it.Feeling the coldness of the water brings you a strong feeling of power that you gain again for so many monts that passed.For a minute you forget about him and about everything.Just flowing along with the river in a world that only you can rule.Hearing the smashing of the waves scares you and you wake up,scared,looking for a certain person that was with you not so long ago.You see him near the big willow.His calm and gentle face is staring at you and you blush

      .You gaze at his beautiful eyes again,then you move your sight at his hands…ohh those hands are moving freely and it seems like in the same rithm as the waves were smashing the sand on the shore.What? He has a sketch? You didn’t even noticed the white paper he’s holding in his hands.Then,you want to know what is he so concentrated on?Seeing you moving he stops his activity and shows you what you expectd less.He is drawing you,a pale princess in a wedding dress,with a tired expression,tears rolling down on your cheeks and hunchbacked.You are to schocked to say anything.To ask why the girl resembles so much to you,,you don’t even dare.You instantly start to cry,feeling the whole world has crushed over you.He smiles gently,which you take as a lovely grin.He’s still to far away,you still don’t understand him even if you feel as knowing him for evernity.He pats the place next to him and you instantly sit down there.His perfume is just to…..much to bare.It makes you cry…for everything and anything you’ve lost.Who knows how many people breathed this scent?It’s still your favourite colony and you close your eyes because you feel like the whole night will be like a flood to your soul,and face.He still stares at you,with gently looking eyes.He breathes slowly and moves his gaze from you back at the sketch.You are curious to see what is he drawing,but you’re to afraid to open you’re eyes.It’s noisy.The sound that the crayon makes when touching the paper is like thousand swords crossing your soul.You adore him so much that it hurts.The rain starts to fall.Is it cold?’s even pleasant.You’re still not the only one that cries in the end.You’re happy.Unleast for the moment.The rain is indeed beautiful.Pouring on your face like pearls is so soft and…still not cold.You’re to absorbed to think about the man that sits next to you.Won’t his paper get wet?Won’t his beautiful drawing get ruined?You won’t permit this,will you?You sit up.All messed,hair wet and long,flowing on your dress which was so warm and..colourful minutes ago.Now is all white and wet,as your hair.You sit infront of him.He doesn’t let his eyes from the sketch,but you’re happy since you can avoid the water to reach him.He is like a statue.Needs to be protected,from anything and everything.You feel a nice melody in the air..flowing just as the wind takes the waves at the shore.He finally looks at you and smiles.Oh that innocent smile.He proudly shows you the sketch.It’s like it hasn’t  been the one that you see a few time ago.The princess has now wings.And oh they are a wonderful pair of big wings.They are white and pure.It matches perfectly the wedding dress and now on the girl’s face you can see a spark of glow.But she still looks so sad and her loving facial expression seems so sad.You can’t resist anymore and you burst out crying.Is it a dream or a nightmare?

    He gently strokes your had and borrows his shoulder for you to cry.The rain has also stopped.It had no more tears to cry.After some minutes you stop.Still puzzled because of the drawing.It seemed like an angel,who had fallen from the sky and couldn’t bear the people’s worst parts.At some point he asks you if you like it and you have no words.

thank you for reading.
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A wee belated Merry Christmas!

   As it is quite rare for me to post something on my page ,I'm still taking the risk LOL XD 
  We all know Christmas should be the best period of the year,and I watched at school this week " A Christmas Carol" you know the one with Scruge ...I was thinking I don't know a person who doesn't like Christmas & I can't believe it exists in this world people who don't.I mean all over the world people are celebrating in different ways and stil not to be able to ejnoy it seems weird to me.The excitement before opening the presents & the atmoshpere while having dinner with family <3  ma ma ma... I hope everyone has a lovely Christmas and really...don't be sad on Christmas eve ^^ [says a christmasaholic XD ]

  Again Merry Christmas & A happy New Year!
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Yes.indeed this is insane.And probably most of you who'll reed this(which I guess the're won't be) will think the same.It's just a period in every kid's life when you feel like exploding with feeling and if you are currently out of papers or persons with whom to talk about,you find this perfect way of describing named LJ. Someone told me not so long ago...that when the son is rising somewhere,somwhere else it sets down.I hope I'll see this sunrise soon because I want to recreate this image,even if I haven't seen it yet,I'm willing to give all my best ,so one day I'll see the beautifull sunrise in the country of it.Argh...this is soo baka-poi.I realised slowly,that I am at the age when you can't tell everything,even if sometimes you would like too,even if you wouldn't.Beeing in such a community is hard nee~To play a role everyday,the role of an "angel"poi child,to be bullied without screaming back,trying to resist the urge to run away from everything to reach that maturity already,then you haven't actually realised it is already in you.You just need to open that door.It's really important to learn from everything,geather all the experinence you can from everything because everybody sais you'll need it in the future.Yeah right...I also think it's the age of confusement....what should I do next? how should I behave in order to achieve my dream? and the most of all... there is a feeling that comes and goes everyday in mine it good that times just FLOWS...or is it a bad thing? I just want to finish with everything but I want this to last long >.< and sometimes I can feel this fight in me.Sometime once,somebody told me,depression is only a moral fight in our souls,because we are not pleased with what we have,we want more but we know that at the moment we can not do anything to be better.I wouldn't name that depression because this word,itself is a very tough name.If this would be the meaning of depression,then there would be a lot of cases...because there are,or there should be these kind of feelings in everyone one of us,in a moment or another.Because we have feelings,that's what makes the difference between us and animals right? Feelings...are not always right I guess....Another fact that I strongly believe inspires people in having depressions or...good feelings is the music.When you write something and listening to music is demonstrated(I guess) that you can not concentrate to both of them but once you hear the melody I belive that it influences you a lot.Be it a sad melody/happy melody it can always change your mood.Of course there can be a lot of subjects to talk about,but the main theme that I wanted to aboard is following your dream no matter how hard it would be.So...Gambate minna ^. ^

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So..uhm yeh I guess this should have been the 1st post.Welcome to my LJ ^.^ if you can name it like that >.> anoo I'm Andreea,Andy and I am a huge Arashi fan,especially Ohmiya but Oh chan is my ichiban :) To be honest I don't think I have a lot to say.I am not a psihologic girl,don't  really like to use complicated words to descrieb something that can be understand with easy words,and sometimes that must be written with easy words....I'm also training my japanese but still not able to understand so well >.< You could say I do have imagination,but to much laziness to write it down,besides I'm not sure it's interesting anyway =]] But when my inspiration about something will come I will definetly post something ^.^ Thank you for reading :)
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Iubire Roială

Esmeralda privea pe geamul autocarului cu care mergea zilnic la şcoală. Ca de obicei ploua. Nu exista zi în Edinburgh în care să nu plouă. Nu putea să se uite altundeva deoarece i se făcea rău. Absolut toate colegele sale erau cu băieţii ed mână, sărutându-se. „Şi mai zice lumea că în ziua de azi nu există iubire”. Erau atât de expuse şi dornice de slirt încât i se făcea scârbă. Nu că i-ar fi trebuit şi ei un iubit. Părinţii ei erau divorţaţi şi văzuse câte ravagii făcuse dragostea aşa că hotărâse să nu se îndrăgostească niciodată. Şi până acum fusese destul de uşor întrucât toţi colegii ei erau nişte needucaţi.

Nu avuse prea mulţi prieteni de când se ştie. Doar vecinii cu care obişnuia să se bată atunci când încă stăteau la casă şi trăia într-o familie fericită. Acum însă, la şcoală nu era privită bine, acasă mai mult singură, dar îi plăcea aşa ceva. Dorea să muncească mult. Şi deşi nu avea niciun motiv, adora să-şi petreacă timpul muncind mult, pe gratis! De fapt era foarte frumoasă însă nimeni nu se apropia de ea deoarece era dură şi nu ştia altceva – sau nu vroia să ştie – decât muncă.

Adând în inima ei dorea să aibă prieteni, care să o strige Esme, sau chiar s-o alinte, însă nu îşi permitea. De aceea îşi zicea singură Esme. Era deja sfârşitul anului. Termina liceul. Peste o săptămână era data absolvirii şi deja îşi făcuse planuri cum să muncească pentru a-i ajuta pe sărmanii din apropiere. Desigur era prima pe şcoală, având notele cele mai mari. Însă nu prea îi păsa. Mediile erau doar o faţadă pentru a-l face pe tatăl ei mulţumit. Ştia bine că notele nu o vor ajuta în viaţă, de aceea muncise de mică pentru a nu se lăsa păcălită de nimeni.

Sosise şi ziua absolvirii. Colegii ei plângeau şi se gândeau cu tristeţe că se vor despărţi, însă Esme era bucuroasă că scapă de aceşti egoişti şi anormali colegi. Ajunse acasă, desigur tatăl ei era plecat. Nu venise nici la ceremonie. Îşi făcu un cappuccino deoarece simţea că ceva urât se va întâmpla. Tot timpul când are o presimţire se adeverea. După o oră tatăl Esmei intră în casă. Nu îndrăzni să-l întrebe unde a fost însă auzi:

-         Împachetează tot ce ai nevoie pentru o vară şi grăbeşte-te! Nu avem timp.

„Ştiam că ceva e în neregulă.”

-         Poftim? De ce? de această dată găsi curajul.

-         De când trebuie să repet? Mergem în Brunei.

-         Unde la capătul lumii e asta?

-         În China. Haide! Trebuie să ajungem la timp.

-         La timp pentru ce?

La această întrebare nu mai răspunse. Cu mult regret, Esme îşi împacheta toate hainele ce le avea, mp3-ul şi telefonul.

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